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No he hasn’t he still has those bloody big balls! We are planning to get him done soon, I hope x

Pack theory is incorrect. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years by humans they are created to work with humans treating them like wolves is equal to treating children like you would chimps. 

They are not the same animal. 

Please neuter you dog but don’t mentally abuse them. 


Betty now has two tricks up here sleeve - come here & sit!!

Cute but those aren’t tricks those are basic commands. Tricks would be like rolling over or giving a paw. Commands are basic manners and things used in competition. 

I hear this a lot from people, so I’d love to make it simple:

And it basically all matters on one thing: When you’re ready.

When I say when you’re ready here’s what I mean:

  1. You’ve finished your current dog. You’re competing with them and you’re past Open. 
  2. You have no finical issues. Puppies are VERY expensive and double you rates for everything (special puppy food, vet bills, and puppy things; you literally will pay more than double what you are now to care for a puppy or even an older dog)
  3. You will need time. I set aside about 3 months in which I can work with my new dog or puppy every day. If I can’t get that, no new dog or puppy.
  4. When is the best time of the year to get a puppy? I know that for proper socialization there are a lot fairs and dog expos as well as fundraisers around the beginning of spring in my area. So that is my optimal time for a puppy.
  5. Breeders? I spend a good year looking at breeders and asking every sort of question possible to get to know that breeder and his/her dogs the best. Don’t be fooled or Starstruck ! There is no such thing as a perfect bloodline, each bloodline has some genetic issue somewhere along the line. Any breeder that says the line is absolutely pure of all genetic issues is not trustworthy. 
  6. Adopt? Adoption is my only suggestion for anyone who doesn’t intend to compete with their dogs. Even if you do plan to compete I know many successful trainers with rescues who compete at national levels. Any dog can be taught! So don’t exclude rescuing from your mind.

All of our winnings from last weekend. There are 3 rosettes, one is off to the left and right

So often times I see late commands time and again in Novice and Open; and yes even in Masters. 

Now different timing of commands does matter on the dog. Slower dogs usually need more consistent timing, faster dogs need to know the absolute where they’re going as fast as you can get the command out of your mouth.

So with this example course:

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Our recent trial was a big success!

Noticed you and I have similar views on most things, EXCEPT prong collars. Have you ever had one on you? Has anyone ever pulled on it when you turned your head, or gave a single step in any direction? Your answers on training problems are pretty spot on with the way I do things. I have 3 Great Danes at the moment of which 2 are deaf. I have been around large and giant breed dogs all my life. From the HUGE softies like Danes, to the stubborn Pitts or Rotti, no situation warrants pain in any form

— Anonymous

My view on prongs changes from dog to dog. Almost 98% of dogs I recommenced the owners never even think of prongs. And even the other 2% I still only suggest they use it for getting the proper heel and not to train a basic one. 

Training a proper heel is much more complicated than a basic one. There is a small percentage of dogs who work well with a prong to just get the behavior the trainer is looking for and then to praise and make it extremely clear to the dog what the trainer is looking for. I don’t use it in the conventional sense. I use it to slowly apply pressure not give a fast correction.

The dog feels very slight discomfort, not a correction so it doesn’t feel pain. When getting a heel for show is the only time I ever even think of suggesting it.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on that blog but whatever you’ve read in the past may not be the view I have now.

An example of the heel I’d be looking for:


If being Gay was the norm and being straight was ‘wrong’.

I shit you not it’s worth the time! Watch it! It’ll change how you view gay rights! 

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